GW Parkway intersections dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists

Cyclists and joggers feel endangered by drivers along George Washington Memorial Parkway. It takes guts to trust painted white lines when you're stepping out in front of cars going 50 mph.

Joggers, cyclists and pedestrians who use some crosswalks and near the George Washington Parkway say the National Park Service needs to step up safety at these high-speed crosswalks.

"Someone's going to die. That's just the way it's going to be,” said Dave Ward.

"There needs to be a stoplight or some kind of way to cross, because usually they don't stop. You have to time it and get across,” said Woodbridge resident Dave Corley.

"You have a false sense of security. It's a cross walk. Bikes go through all the time yet cars are going full speed,” said Aron Kansal of Alexandria.

Kansal captured the aftermath of an accident at a crosswalk there last week. One car stopped for a cyclist, another didn't.

“A Ford F150 came plowing through the intersection and pushed them all thru. She would have gotten squashed had she went through but she didn't go through,” Kansal said.

In April, a woman was struck and killed as she went through the Parkway crosswalk.
“The little bit it would take to go ahead and put something here would be well worth the investment,” said Van Morris of Arlington.