Guy, Juanita Snowden, from UK, US, say 'I do' on Independence Day at Jefferson Memorial

Guy and Juanita Snowden

On a day when America is celebrating Independence Day, one couple is marking the start of a new union.

Standing in the shadow of the Jefferson Memorial Friday morning, Guy and Juanita Snowden said "I do."

Guy is from the U.K., but Juanita grew up in the U.S. She says it was important to come back to a special place to tie the knot.

Her sister lives in Alexandria and she decided there could be no better place than the nation's capital on a national holiday.

"I'm proud to be an American and I've lived in England for 13 years and I wanted to stay true to where I belong and he was cool with it," Juanita says.

The Snowdens say the irony of joining a family from the U.S. and a family from the U.K. on the same day the Declaration of Independence was adopted is not lost on them.

Despite all of the fun festivities planned on this day, the Snowdens say having their anniversary on the Fourth of July comes with an added bonus: he can't forget the date.

Like many people on this day, the celebrating will continue into Friday evening. They'll be on a boat on the Potomac River, watching the fireworks.