Gus Deeds killed, father Creigh stabbed in Bath County

(WJLA) - Gus Deeds, the 24-year-old son of Virginia State Sen. Creigh Deeds, died Tuesday of a gunshot wound in the home where his father was stabbed multiple times.

The shooting and stabbing happened a day after Gus had been evaluated Monday by mental health professionals under an emergency custody order, officials tell the Roanoke Times.

However, Deeds could not be kept in custody because officials could not find an open psychiatric bed to keep him.

Deeds is one of the senator's four adult children. He had been enrolled at the College of William and Mary off and on since 2007, and withdrew last month, school spokesman Brian Whitson said. The college did not say why he left.

During Deeds' bid for governor, his son took off a semester to join his dad on the campaign trail.

"He needs me and I need him," Deeds told a reporter in the fall of 2009, about campaigning with Gus.