Gunston Park Bubble damaged by heavy snow

(WJLA) - The Gunston Park Bubble, a beloved recreational center which houses indoor soccer games for all of Arlington County, was damaged by heavy snow.

The partial collapse happened in the far corner of the field. Fortunately, the hundreds of children and adults who use the bubble weren't in it when the collapse happened.

Heavy, wet snow may be great for making snowmen and snowballs, but it's not so great when all that weight is on a bubble made of nylon and cloth.

The last time the bubble nearly burst was four years ago during Snowmageddon.

Even Friday, with a dip in pressure from an open door, the roof sank ominously before it filled back up. Erring on the side of caution, the county closed all facilities Wednesday night, ensuring no one was in or around it.

Susan Kalish, a spokesperson for Arlington County Parks and Recreation, says safety is a priority at the Gunston Bubble and assures it would have been closed during a storm.