Gunman shoots at first responders at car crash scene in Northeast D.C.

A gunman opened fire on D.C. police and firefighters when they responded to a car crash in the 2100 block of H Street NE early Saturday morning.

Dabney Hudson of the D.C. Firefighters Association, says firefighters were treating the victims involved in the accident when they were suddenly forced to take cover.

"Some of them ran inside and took cover in the apartment with the rest of the residents,"{ }Hudson says. "Two of them took cover underneath the police car."

According to the police report, an officer says when he tried to interview the suspect, the man pulled out a gun and started shooting into the crowd and in the direction of the officer.

The officer did not return fire.

The suspect drove away, but he and a female passenger with him were later caught and arrested.

"There have been reports that the person that came back and shot made some statements that he wasn't happy with the firefighters being there," Hudson says.

Firefighters heard at least a dozens shots fired.

No one was injured but those who live there tell ABC7 it's a sound that's becoming all too common in the neighborhood.