Gun found in locker at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax

Parents of students at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax County were notified Wednesday of the discovery of a gun in a student's locker.

Principal Dan Meier said in an email sent to parents that school administrators confiscated the weapon. Fairfax police were notified, and the student was identified and questioned.

Meier's email goes on to say, "...We recognize the danger associated with any weapon in the school. While we regard this as an isolated incident, please know that any violations that jeopardize the safety of students at Robinson will result in severe consequences as outlined in the Student Rights & Responsibilities document..."

Seventh grader Arvind Govinday said, "I wouldn't think that would happen at Robinson. I'm just glad they found the gun that way nothing happened or anything like that."

Administrators aren't saying what led them to search the student's locker. But Junior Danny Herrera heard it was the student's own friend who alerted school officials.

"Possibly a freshman had a gun in his locker, and another student knew about it and told administrators," Herrera said. "They confiscated it from his locker."

While some parents received Meier's email, parent Melissa Leonard said she learned of the scare when ABC7 approached her.

"I'm surprised the school didn't contact the parents. I got a call to come pick up my produce orders, but nothing about this going on. I wish I had been more informed," she said.

A school spokesman says there was never any imminent danger.

Robinson Secondary School is located at 5035 Sideburn Road. The student's age and grade level were not released.