Gun Control: Virginia, Maryland differ on legislation

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, a common refrain among gun owners is that they’re passionate about their firearms.

For an example of that passion, look no further than Scott Lorincz at Blue Ridge Arsenal in Chantilly.

“We value our second amendment rights and that's one of the main reasons that brought me to Virginia,” he says.

Lorinz moved from Maryland 15 years ago. Here, he can openly carry a firearm and believes the ability to do so makes this state much safer than his previous home.

"The crime rates in Virginia are much, much lower because we shoot back in Virginia," he says.

After Newtown, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell formed a task force on school safety. But efforts to restrict fire arms, like closing the so-called gun show loophole, didn't go far during the general assembly in Richmond.

In Annapolis, however, Maryland lawmakers approved stiff gun control measures, including a wide-ranging ban on assault weapons.

In Old Town Alexandria, there’s a very different Virginia state of mind.

"I think we need more control when it comes to firearms,” says one resident.

"I support absolute gun control," says another.

People like Joseph Russell want leaders at the capitol to listen to them too.

"I wish they would take action and be more stern when it comes to gun control in Virginia," he says.

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