Guests, bride to break a sweat in outdoor wedding

A D.C. bride whose outdoor wedding is Saturday is trying her best to stay positive, and above all, stay cool.

“I'm just very excited to get married,” said Deena Carras.

After almost a year of planning, Carras is now just hours away from walking down the aisle. In this heat, everyone at the wedding will be flushed. Her outdoor reception is at the historic Decatur house near the White House.

“I'm just hoping that it all goes ok, that it's not too hot,” she said. “We have fans on the inside of the tent and we're trying to prepare as much as we can for it to happen tomorrow.”

Carras was picking up her dress Friday – we won’t give it away, but one thing we can say is that at least it's strapless.

She knew the weather could be a problem, but didn’t expect it to be quite so hot. “We had actually prepared for if it rained with the tent and back up places for photographs and everything but I never thought, what if it's 115 degrees?” Carras said.

Carras and her fiancee Rob are getting creative. The wedding programs double as fans, and Rob has a back up plan for his groomsmen as well. For the dancing part of the reception he organized tuxedo t-shirts for the groomsmen to change into so they can be a little bit cooler.

The guests are arriving from all over the country, doing their best to focus on the wedding festivities and not the suffocating heat.

“The one day we're going down to D.C. ... hottest day ever,” says friend Sadie Eichner.

“The people coming to my wedding are my friends and family and loved ones and if I'm hot and sweaty they don't mind, and if they do, maybe they shouldn't be there anyway,” says Carras.

At least there is an indoor, air-conditioned area for guests to retreat to during the reception.