Group threatens to sue Md. town over gun law

A small Maryland town has unwillingly found itself in the middle of the gun control debate.

Since 1975, it's been illegal to carry or fire a loaded gun inside the town limits of Walkersville, Md. Recently, the Second Amendment Foundation, a national gun rights group from Washington state, threatened to sue the town, claiming the town's gun law violates Maryland state law.

In a letter, the group demands that Walkersville repeal the law, adding "Failure to do so...puts the town at risk for a lawsuit."

A notion that isn't sitting too well with the lunchtime crown at the Village Tavern.

David Kline of Walkersville said, "I think it's ridiculous another state telling a small community what they can or cannot do..."

Most residents can't figure out how their town of 5,500 got caught in the group's crosshairs.

"I don't know why they would target's so quiet and peaceful...I don't know why they're trying to make trouble, waves here...," Walkersville resident Joey Gentile added.

Walkersville commissioners are having the town's attorney review the code, but they feel they're in compliance with state law. They also didn't appreciate the Second Amendment Foundation's tactic or tone.

"You need to do this...or we're going to take you to didn't come across very friendly." Chad Weddle, the commissioner of Walkersville, said.
"If there's a real problem with our code...we want to address it."

By phone, the Second Amendment Foundation said they intend to send the letters to half a dozen other towns in Frederick County. It's part of a campaign they've rolled out in two other states.

It should be noted that they have not sued any of the towns they've threatened.