Grosso, Moon to Snyder: Fund your own stadium or move 'racist'-named team to another state

This year marks 20 years since the Washington Redskins left RFK Stadium for what is now FedEx Field.

On Monday, two legislators sent a strong message that they were not interested in paying for the Redskins to come back.

"Funding a new stadium is just not in the District of Columbia's best interest," said David Grosso, a D.C. Councilmember.

Grosso stood firm as he introduced a bill prohibiting the District from giving any public tax dollars to help build a new stadium for the Redskins. Sitting by his side was Maryland Delegate David Moon. They're proposing what's called an interstate compact between D.C., Maryland and Virginia to help even the playing field.

"If DC, Maryland and Virginia all get together on this, we're basically telling Dan Snyder you can either pay for a stadium with your own money or move to Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and good luck with that," Del. Moon said.

The Redskins lease at FedEx Field expires in about 10 years, but the team is looking for a new home. The big question is where?

Last month, Events DC introduced a $490 million grand plan to spruce up the area around RFK Stadium. It includes new sports fields, three pedestrian bridges over the Anacostia River, a memorial to Robert F. Kennedy and a sports and recreation complex. The design also leaves open the possibility of a new NFL stadium or 20,000 seat arena on the property.

Grosso doesn't support the Redskins returning to the 190 acres surrounding RFK Stadium. Once a season-ticket holder, he doesn’t even support the team anymore calling its name ‘racist’ and ‘derogatory.’

"A football team worth well over $1 billion should not have to rely on special government assistance to fund their facilities," Grosso said. “It's also hard for me to cheer for a team that is so disrespectful to indigenous peoples."

Grosso said he's already reached out to Virginia legislators, but they were absent at Monday’s announcement.

The Redskins responded to the bill only saying, "We are in personnel meetings preparing for the 2017 season."

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