Griffin Fever: Broad Run High School seniors call on RGIII to be commencement speaker

Robert Griffin III

A group of high school seniors have made a bold request of Robert Griffin III, asking him to speak at their commencement ceremony.

And they're not taking no for an answer.

The entire Broad Run High School student body has been tweeting and re-tweeting pictures of themselves and faculty members "Griffing" throughout campus, begging the Redskins' star quarterback to be their commencement speaker.

"We have Griffin Fever so won't you be our graduation speaker," they say.

It's not just his talents on the turf that keep these high school seniors glued to his gridiron game. They're inspired by his educational accomplishments, too.

And RGIII is a lot closer in age than a politician in D.C.

It may sound like a longshot, but these seniors have scored in the past. Back in October, they mass-tweeted RGIII about a charity football game, and without warning, the superstar strolled into the stands.

An assistant principal tells ABC7 they can wait until the end of the month to hear back from Griffin before they have to book someone else.

Whether or not Griffin will be there for graduation day is to be determined. But the Spartans want to make it clear that there's no one that could knock RGIII off the top of their preference list - except maybe the resident of a big white house in D.C.