Greta Killerlane only female motorcycle officer in Prince George's County PD

Greta Killerlane patrols the streets in Prince George's County. (Photo: WJLA)

Last week in Prince George’s County, hundreds honored officer Adrian Morris after he was killed in a Beltway crash. Motorcycle officers led the way for mourners, including the only woman to do that job - Corporal Greta Killerlane.

Killerlane is the only female motorcycle officer on the Prince George’s County police force and just the second in its 75 year history. In fact she's a rarity nationwide.

“I think they get intimidated by the physicality of the job,” she says. “The Harley Davidsons that we drive are very big, big police bikes.”

They weigh almost one thousand pounds and in the qualifying tests, Killerlane had to actually lift the bike as well as do a controlled, high speed fall.

“You do it and you say, ‘okay, I see how that feels now. I know what to do and I'm gonna try to never be in that situation,’” she says.

Killerlane's husband is an 18 year veteran of the force and they have a 4-year-old daughter. Killerlane hopes to be a motivation for her, as she already is for other women and girls every day.

“It’s really great I get, ‘Way to go girl, it's great to see a female officer riding that bike, good for you, way to represent,’” she says, “I love it.”