Gregg Williams bounty scandal: New information arises

Gregg Williams. (Photo: Wikipedia)

New information is arising about former Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and the bounty scandal.

Williams admitted to overseeing a "pay for pain" program that rewarded players with cash for unleashing hits that hurt opponents.

In 2010, Williams defended a style he considered tough and clean.

"Here's the deal. We are not going to apologize. I'm not going to apologize for how hard our guys play. And I'm not going to apologize for them trying to lay the wood on everybody," Williams said in a 2010 interview.

Sports fans are torn. Some think the NFL should throw the book at Williams.

But others fear the Redskins could get caught up in the scandal. They worry the team could be fined or worse, lose draft picks.

Former players are now admitting payments for game-changing hits were common, but they also insist the possibility of earning extra money didn't inspire them to injure others.

But now, with the NFL pushing to improve player safety, the rules of the game--written or unspoken--are evolving.

"If he's incentivizing, should be a punishment," said John Blanchard, Virginia resident.

Williams, who now works for the St. Louis Rams, has apologized.

So far, Redskins officials have been silent on the issue and have not returned calls or emails.