Greenpeace protesters climb crane, hang 'resist' banner that can be seen from White House

Seven Greenpeace activists climbed a crane in the nation's capital Wednesday morning and hung a banner with the word 'resist.'

From a distance, the banner appeared as if it was hanging over the White House.

Among the activists was the chairman of the board for Greenpeace. She climbed about halfway up the crane and chained herself to the ladder not allowing anyone to go through and recorded a video from Facebook Live. Her video can be viewed below.

DC police said they will be remaining on the scene until the protesters come down and will arrest all seven of them.

Eventually Greenpeace protesters rolled the banner up, but they remained on the crane.

A spokesperson told ABC7's Tom Roussey that the activists who climbed the crane were to come down at around 7 p.m.

At around 10:31 p.m., seven protesters were arrested and were taken away from the construction site.