Greenbelt speed camera tickets voided

GREENBELT, Md. (WJLA) -- Many residents ABC7 spoke with on Tuesday say they just don’t know whether to trust the speed cameras in Greenbelt.

C'Don Thompson has received two speeding tickets from a camera on Cherrywood Lane – but he doesn’t think he was speeding.

"It's kind of a trap to the residents here in Greenbelt."

It turns out that he may never know for sure, because his tickets will likely be voided and his $40 fines refunded.

Breckford Corporation -- the company that installed and maintains all six speed cameras for the Greenbelt Police Department -- recently revealed that the camera on Cherrywood and the one near Eleanor Roosevelt High School on Hanove Parkway were not certified with the state as being properly calibrated under the conditions of Maryland law.

"If they aren't accurate it's like, 'hey what's going on,'" says Carolyn Badders. "We need a real person sitting here."

That means 664 tickets issued between December of last year and late February of this year that have resulted in $26,000 in fines have to be wiped off the books and refunded to drivers.

Back in May, Breckford reportedly had to reimburse drivers who were issued tickets by its cameras in Hagerstown for the same reason.

Andrea McNeal lives near the Hanover Parkway camera and three others in the neighborhood, and she wonders if the cameras are accurate and whether they even need to be there in the first place.

“That's usually what happens when you rely on equipment to do the work of a police officer," she says.

Those who received fines in error will start receiving their money back this week.