Great Falls mansion fire: Firefighters faced lack of water to battle blaze

It took firefighters 90 minutes to put out the huge fire. Photo: Salman Khan

A lack of readily accessible water for firefighters who battled a massive fire that gutted a million-dollar mansion in Fairfax County over the weekend likely adding to the time it took to control the fire.

Fairfax Times reports that the the $1.2-million home on Leigh Mill Road in Great Falls is located in an area where there are few to no fire hydrants, forcing the large fire response to shuttle water in from portable water tankers and what officials call a "rural water supply."

It took Fairfax County firefighters 90 minutes to put out the huge fire, which rendered the home a complete loss. Firefighters brought in a 2,500-gallon water tanker and another fire engine that carried 750 galls of water.

Once that water was depleted, though, Fairfax Times says firefighters had to rely on a shuttle system from the nearest water source to douse the flames.

The house itself was completely destroyed, fire officials say, while a pool house and a guest home on the property suffered little damage. One person who had been staying in the guest house wasn't injured.

A cause for what sparked the fire remains under investigation.