Gray shadow campaign: Muriel Bowser may come out ahead

(WJLA) - Just one day after Jeffrey Thompson’s allegation put D.C. Mayor Gray in the middle of an alleged shadow campaign, voters we met with on Tuesday were feeling somewhat anti-mayor.

"Oh I think it's time to have another mayor," said D.C. resident Maria Strylowski.

"I don't he can weather this, I just don't," added Ed Hainsworth.

In a plea deal yesterday, Thompson pleaded guilty to conspiracy, saying that Mayor Gray not only knew Thompson was running an illegal campaign for him in the 2010 election, but even met him face-to-face in person to ask for $425,000 of a get-out-the-vote effort.

But Gray is still insisting this is not true.

With early voting starting on Monday for the Democratic primary, the biggest beneficiary of this entire ordeal may be Councilmember Muriel Bowser, who was already gaining in the mayoral polls.

"What we have is a significant breach in the public trust, but we're also encouraged that the US Attorney is serious about getting to the bottom of it," Bowser said of the alleged campaign.

Bowser acknowledged on Tuesday that she has accepted money from Thompson in past campaigns, but assured that it was reported and legal. It is now being reported that Thompson could walk away with, at most, six months in prison – a very good deal, according to a former U.S. Attorney.