Gray offers D.C.'s gun dealer place at police HQ

Mayor Vincent Gray says the city is charging the District’s sole gun dealer, Charles Sykes, $100 a month to have a place at MPD headquarters where he can facilitate gun ownership.

He can open whenever he wants to and the placement will be in place for one year.

Gray says it’s up to Sykes when he wants to move forward with this.

Sykes is the sole proprietor of C S Exchange, the only licensed firearm dealer in the city that will transfer guns for individuals. Sykes doesn't sell the guns -- there are no gun stores in D.C. His company facilitates the transfer of guns from out of state stores into the District for a fee of $125 per gun.

Federal law prohibits individuals from buying a hand gun outside D.C. and then bringing it into the District. That transfer has to be done by someone with a Federal Firearms License.