Grant Hill, Life Time Fitness cycling instructor, fired after McDonalds tweet

An instructor at a Life Time Fitness in Rockville says he was fired Tuesday after sending a tweet that his superiors didn't take kindly to.

The Washington Post reports that Grant Hill, a cycling instructor at the Rockville gym, tweeted a picture of a McDonald's bag on a colleague's desk with a comment about the company's "healthy way of life" philosophy.

Here's the tweet and the photo for your perusal. He says management demanded that he delete the tweet.

A company spokesperson says Hill wasn't fired for the tweet, but was terminated for his work outside the company that was deemed to be a conflict of interest.

"While our company has in place a social media policy ... his separation was not due to a social media action," the spokesperson said in an email to ABC7. "Rather, he violated our company code of conduct, specifically by operating a business that was in violation of our conflict of interest policy."

Hill told ABC7's Natasha Barrett that he has run his own personal training business for three years while working for Life Time. But he says, he did not have a non-compete agreement with Life Time, where he says he only taught one class.

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