Messages seen near White House

(Photo: John Gonzalez)

They are bright orange and very hard to miss.

From the White House, past city hall and several blocks down on Pennsylvania Avenue, mysterious messages which promote feeding the hungry appeared some time overnight.

A group calling itself ONE received a permit to use a robot-style machine to paint the stencil style letters, and did it without the Secret Service or security at the Wilson building ever noticing.

Today, as people head to work, many are definitely noticing. The anti-G8 summit messages that are actual tweets, are literally turning heads on one of the most recognizable streets in the world.

Some were intrigued enough to take pictures. Others were wondering if the group should even be allowed to do this. Even elected officials like Council member Muriel Bowser were left looking perplexed.

In the meantime, a member of Secret Service said this has been a problem recently and they are currently investigating it.