Governor O'Malley proposes gaming legislation

Gov. Martin O'Malley's administration has released details in gambling legislation for a special session this week.

The provisions made public this week touch on a variety of changes that would come with the addition of table games like blackjack and a new casino site in Prince George's County.

A key part of the bill relates to how much money casino operators will keep. The new Prince George's site would involve competitive bidding. A casino bidder could propose keeping 33 percent of the proceeds, as the law is now, or seek higher profits up to 38 percent.

A casino in Anne Arundel County and one planned in Baltimore would get an additional 5 percent to spend on marketing and capital improvements to help offset added competition from Prince George's.

The legislation also prohibits casino operators from making political contributions.

O'Malley admits it will be a tough fight and expects the vote to be close.

The legislation must also be voted on by a majority of voters.