Governor Martin O'Malley big winner this legislative session

Maryland lawmakers passed a number of bills Monday night as the 2013 legislative session came to a close. But the big winner in the session appears to be Governor Martin O'Malley, who some analysts believe is eying a run for president in 2016.

The General Assembly passed a bill allowing for medical marijuana for research purposes and worked late into the night on a bill aimed at expanding the liability of all dog owners in dog attacks.

O' Malley took a lot of flak after the General Assembly session in 2012, but this year, he got most everything he wanted.

There's a strict new gun control measure, a repeal of Maryland's death penalty and an increase in the gas tax. The governor also got a power bill rate hike meant to support an offshore wind farm near Ocean City.

Republican House Minority leader Anthony O'Donnell of Calvert County believes O'Malley will enter the Democratic primary for President in three years.

"I think his calculation is if he stakes out the left end, he can win that primary and then maybe tack back to the center," O'Donnell said.

But would O'Malley have a chance? POLITICO's Alex Burns says it depends on whether Vice President Joe Biden or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decide to run.

"Once you get past those two very, very well-know people, the Democratic bench is fairly thin. So someone like O'Malley...yeah, he would certainly have a chance to make his case to the party," Burns explained.

At a Bowie grocery store, many customers said they want to see O'Malley run for president.

Victor Scott of Upper Marlboro said, "I think he sort of fits the mold of a Democratic candidate."

"I think he's steered Maryland in the right direction. I voted for him," added Bowie resident Patrick Cavanagh.

But not everyone agrees.

Vicky Shaffer of Bowie said, "I don't think he really has enough experience to lead our country in these tough times."