Government shutdown shutters military commissaries

Photo: Eddie Welker via Flickr

(WJLA) - Some military families can’t escape the fallout from the federal government shutdown. But some operations, which would hardly be considered vital, continue uninterrupted.

Civilian workers at Joint Base Andrews got some unexpected time off. They, along with nearly 800,000 federal workers, are furloughed.

But Fore Echoes across the golf course at Joint Base Andrews is funded with player dues, so play continues in the midst of all the stagnation.

“It’s horrible, that is all I can say. It's horrible. It’s terrible,” says Lynn Hagans.

“They pay for it with their dues and green fees so I don’t think it’s a problem,” says Jay Smith.

One aspect of the shutdown making military life difficult – commissaries are shuttered. Some military families stocked up in advance of the shutdown, but{ }others didn’t shop in time.{ }

“We have to come off base to shop now, but we are not too picky wherever we can get our groceries,” says Kara Prince.

The cost of groceries off-base is digging into their pockets.{ }

“Prices are higher off base,” says Jerry Anderson.

While there is a disagreement on whether it is a good idea to keep the golf couse open, most of the people ABC7 spoke with are in agreement in their hope that the government works out a deal soon so it can get back to business.