Government shutdown: 60 percent of Naval Academy professors furloughed

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJLA) - At the United States Naval Academy, 60 percent of the professors are civilian and all have been furloughed because of the government shutdown.{ }

“We are already cancelling classes this week,” says Cmdr. John Schofield academy spokesman.

Schofield says military teachers are filling in where they can and on the yard, midshipmen are still going about their routines. But that can only last so long.

"Going into next week, if the shutdown continues and we continue to go without our civilian faculty, we will see a drastic increase in cancellation of classes," Schofield says.

Another major issue is sports. Per Pentagon order, all team travel has been halted. Soccer games have already been cancelled. Now the worry both on and off the academy yard is whether or not Saturday’s Navy-Air Force football game will be cancelled, too.

“Cancelling this Navy-Air Force football game would be awful for our economy and our community,” says Annapolis mayor Josh Cohen.

Cohen says that even though a boat show will bring crowds to town all weekend, the football game means millions of dollars.

“There’s restaurants that have banquets planned, there’s hundreds of hotel rooms booked. You can’t get a hotel room between Annapolis and Baltimore because o the game. It even affects school kids,” he says.

A local elementary school PTA is funded entirely by selling game day parking. Around Annapolis, people say the politics don’t make sense.

“I’m getting to despise the Democrats as much as I despise the Tea Party,” says Ted Carousso. “They’re all so useless”

“They can’t have everything and both sides have to compromise. There has to be a happy medium,” says Linda Lamberson.