Government shutdown 2013: Shutdown end in sight but is the damage done?

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - Deal or no deal, life does go on as usual in the D.C. area.

But for many who went about their business as usual Wednesday, their outlook on the government and the country, will never be the same. The shutdown and debt debate has been taxing.

“I think just overall it's a disappointment that its gone on for this long. It’s taken so long to get both sides to come back to the table,” says Arlington resident Maureen Tuchowski.

And many fear the Capitol Hill showdown may have irrevocably hurt America's reputation.

And many of the folks whose job it is to pay attention to the financial world say America has taken a huge hit coming this close to default, and Wednesday's agreement won't help.

“The government is putting a band-aid on a situation that is a tourniquet,” says Cody Kessler, principal at Kessler’s Lending Advisor’s. “The band-aid, it gets wet, we peel it off, and the cut just grows more and more and more.”

Kessler says there's no reason for celebration following Wednesday's agreement.

“How many times have we raised the debt ceiling under each president?” he asked.