Government shutdown 2013: Reid, McConnell reach for deal

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Could it be a sign, finally, of real progress? A White House meeting of the major players was postponed Monday while Senate leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hash out a possible deal.

"I think we're 70 percent, 80 percent there,” says West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe. Manchin.

"We're making progress, we're going continue,” says Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins.

This is indeed a race against the clock. Every day, we get deeper into this shutdown, and closer to the debt ceiling, worries grow. The stock market started the day down roughly 100 points.

While joining volunteers at a charity, Martha's Table, to help feed the needy, President Barack Obama asked for altruism on the hill as well.

"They can solve this problem today," he says.

Chastising House Republicans, he warned these aren't just scare tactics.

"We've already had damaging effect on our economy due to shutdown, that damage would be greatly magnified if we don't make sure the government is paying its bills and that's got to be done this week," he says.

The inferred movement meant a rebound on the market, putting it back in the green. But even if a deal is reached, it doesn't guarantee results.

The Senate and House have rarely agreed on a path forward and there's certain to be plenty of arm twisting in the days to come.