Government Shutdown 2013: Pediatricians rally in D.C.

A group of pediatricians rallied against the government shutdown Monday. They came from the D.C. area and all across the country.

Doctors from Children's Hospital, George Washington Hospital, and Johns Hopkins gathered on the steps of the Longworth House Office Building.

Priya Gupta is seeing the impact on two different levels. She's not only a young doctor in Baltimore, but also a new mother.

"Our WIC moms and children are really being effected," explained Gupta. "As a breast feeding mother myself, I can really understand how not getting those things must affect them."

Marsha Raulerson, a pediatrician from Alabama says the impact is not only affecting her livelyhood, but creating a great impact on her patients. About 69% of them are on Medicaid and the majority rely on Head Start programs.

"I've actually used my own money to purchase private vaccines for children's programs," said Raulerson. "I actually did run out last week."

Last year, more than one in five children lived in poverty and more than 16 million families lived under what is known as "food insecurity". That's one of the facts on a sheet that doctors will be passing out at each congressional office,

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