Government Shutdown 2013: District memorials and museums shut down

WASHIINGTON (WJLA) - At the Lincoln Memorial and all of the other memorials in the District, Park Police and Civilian Park Service employees were busy Tuesday morning establishing them as off-limits.

Barricades were set in place to say “Closed,” so there was unfortunately no luck for a Texas woman and child who were trying to find a museum that was open. They only found many with signs saying they were shut down.

"We're trying to find one and we're kinda thirsty too, but all the food trucks aren't here because all of these are closed, so we're kinda bummed," said Elizabeth Pounds.

For a Toledo, Ohio couple here to do Genealogy research at the National Archives, there was more anger than anything.

"I think they should fire all these clowns that are supposed to be representing the people but they're doing a bad job of it," said Forest Heminger.

Just outside the Capitol, ABC7 ran into tour groups of disappointed 8th graders. One group was from Ohio’s Granville Christian Academy.

"The kids have been selling hot dogs and working for two years to get here, and we show up on a great day," said Jackie Yohman with the Academy.

Also visiting was a group from New Albany, Indiana. The students had no museums to visit, but they did manage to get to the Capitol Monday night to watch the shutdown proceedings.

"I thought it was pretty stunning just to be in there to see the debate and see all the voting," said Trent Mann.

Yet, there are others who aren’t nearly as satisfied.

"We're not getting to tour the Capitol building, wer'e not getting to go to the Pentagon, we're not getting to go to the Holocaust Museum," said Ethan Furnish.

"I'd like to see Congress work as hard as these kids did to get here, that's all I'd like to see," said parent Rocky Roberts.