Government shutdown 2013: Americans angry at Congress for shutdown

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Americans from both sides of the political aisle are expressing anger that the government shutdown and debt limit issue are still not resolved.

Not mincing words, Jessie Butler is not happy. Her visit from Southern California is marred by Congress not being able to compromise.

“They need to make a concession, this is ridiculous,” Butler says. “It's really ridiculous.”

Congressional inaction is testing her travelling companion Bobby Kronick's normal good nature.

“We just want them to get it done,” Kronick says. “It can't be that difficult to say, ‘I can't get everything and neither can you, let do it.’”

Despite that, the stalemate continues. While tourists are finding a workaround to access some monuments closures, some access isn't enough for British resident Denise Wright, who is back in Washington for the first time in 30 years.

“We're disappointed, obviously, because we planned the trip a while ago,” Wright says. “Life is about timing, and we've arrived when most of the things we wanted to see are closed.”

Democrats and Republicans alike, from California, the Midwest and overseas, seemingly sharing the same message for Congress: Get busy and figure things out.