Government scandals continue to pile up

Three separate scandals have given many people a new reason to lose trust in the federal government.

The Justice Department spoke out on the investigation targeting the Associated Press Tuesday. This comes as the Obama Administration has fielded tough questions over the admission by the IRS that it targeted conservative groups. All of this is on top of the scandal surrounding Benghazi.

To see what the rest of the country thinks of the federal government right now, just ask visitors to Washington.

“Disappointed,” says one visitor. “I mean, it’s not supposed to be that way. They’re supposed to be helping us the best they can and it just doesn’t seem they are.”

“You don’t hear anything good anymore,” says another visitor. “Every time you turn around everything on the news is bad.”

The federal government’s image has taken one hit after another. A report released Tuesday showed poor management allowed IRS agents to target conservative groups for 18 months. Regarding Libya, the Obama Administration is trying to answer accusations of a cover-up. The Justice Department is under heavy fire after secretly examining the Associated Press’ phone records while investigating a leak. Critics say that trampled on freedom of the press.

Marty Kady of POLITICO says even though President Obama is denying involvement in the scandals, his political appointees were involved.

“People who were political appointees who work for Obama were all involved in this, so it trickles up,” Kady says. “This is probably going to hurt him.”

But in the seat of government, some say they still believe most parts of it are working well.

“I think the government is a major intricate component of making the economy and sustaining us,” says