Toddler's family thanks good samaritan

14-month-old Genesis was saved from drowning.

A 14-month-old toddler who fell into the water at the Wharf is alive today thanks to the quick thinking of a Southwest woman who jumped into the water to save the little girl.

"There is nothing you can compare to... losing a child," said Arthur Davis, the little girl’s father. The family suffered a close call Tuesday. His wife was with their only child, 14-month-old Genesis, buying seafood at the popular wharf in Southwest.

The nice trip to the fish market Tuesday evening quickly turned terrifying. Little Genesis fell into the murky waters of the Potomac.

"I'm really at a loss for word... Especially (for) Miss Gordon,” Davis said.

Michelle Gordon is a Southeast resident and mother of four who helped rescue the girl from the waters.

Gordon, 34, said her motherly instincts kicked in when she saw the little girl going under. The girl had fallen into a tight space between a barge and the concrete along Maine Avenue at the Fish Market at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

“When I seen that baby so helpless in that water I was like...No! I gotta get that baby,” Gordon said. She considers herself blessed that she was able to save the girl.

Genesis’ mom, a non-swimmer, watched in horror as Gordon and employees at the Fish Market attempted to rescue the girl.

“The baby was just looking up at me like, help me, help me because she was underwater,” said Gordon, a mother of four. “But you could see her little hands trying to move to get up.”

Pediatrician Dr. Jessica Lazerod was next to help the baby.

“Her vitals were good. She probably had a little bit of low oxygen because her lips were a little blue,” said Lazerod. “But she seemed pretty alert and pretty comfortable.”

The baby, mother and Gordon were later taken to a local hospital.

“I feel good today because I saved a baby's life,” Gordon said.

The Davis family, filled with gratitude, spoke with Gordon Wednesday. Little Genesis was released from the hospital earlier that afternoon.

"She was scared to get in the bath water this evening,” said her father. But most importantly, “Her health is well."

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