Glover Park neighbors shocked by rare violent crime

Residents are on alert in an affluent D.C. neighborhood, following an attack that neighbors say is very rare.

Homeowners are on edge tonight in Glover Park after a college student is the victim of an armed robbery.

It happened along 41st Street between Calvert and Davis place in Northwest.

Glover Park residents tell ABC7 they never thought twice about going out alone, at night, in their neighborhood.

This community, which is nestled between Georgetown and American Universities, teems with young professionals and families and is considered one of the safest in the city.

"I walk my dog every night along with everybody else," says Abbie Weiner, a resident.

But a rare, violent crime has residents on edge.

Authorities say Wednesday night a Georgetown grad student, while walking home near the intersection of 41st and Calvert streets, was ambushed.

Police say two men jumped out of a car. A suspect with a gun knocked down the student, took his wallet, laptop, and cell phone, and fled.

"It's also kind of shocking because we had always thought that this is one of the more safe neighborhoods of D.C.," says Charlie Carr. "That was kind of why we moved over here. It's very disturbing."

Beth Dowling says this is only the fourth violent crime she can recall occuring in Glover Park in the 24 years she's lived here.

"This is a spectacular neighborhood and I'm absolutely shocked and I'm kind of scared and I hope they catch the people very quickly," she says.

Even if Wednesday night's armed robbery was an anomaly, residents aren't taking that risk.

"I'm definitely going to be more careful when I'm walking home alone after work when it's dark." says Emily Dunn.