Glenn Neff arrested after plotting to ignite fireworks in vehicle on National Mall

Glenn Neff (Photo: Maryland-National Capital Park Police)

Charges have been filed against a Florida man who planned to ignite fireworks inside his car on the National Mall.

Authorities say Glenn Neff, 27, of Stuart, Fla., was taken into custody after officers spotted him sitting alone in a red Jeep Cherokee in an isolated part of Cabin John Regional Park about 8:30 p.m Monday. The park, located at 10601 Westlake Dr. in Bethesda, was closed.

Along with a large amount of fireworks, drug paraphernalia and alcohol found inside the Jeep, fire officials say the vehicle had been fitted with a turret and multiple tubes used to launch{ }fireworks.

Neff was charged with possession of a destructive device, transport of a destructive device and manufacture of a destructive device, all felonies. He was also charged with drug paraphernalia, misdemeanor possession of fireworks and use of a park after dark.

He admitted to officers that he was{ }30 minutes away from driving to the National Mall and that the device was meant to draw attention to issues he had with the banking industry, but said he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

On his public Facebook page, Neff posted a profanity-laced open letter to his friends dated Jan. 18 that rails against the banking industry.

"I have come to the inescapable conclusion that the bankers at the Federal Reserve engineered this financial crisis on purpose," he says in the note.

He goes on to claim multiple times that he will "save the world" and says that economists will not be able to "contain the panic" when the economic system melts down.

There will be financial panic, and I pray to god that it will not become real panic where people die," he says in the letter. "I'm hoping that it will all be over before people have time to react, but if not, please find somewhere safe to hide."

Montgomery County Fire and Explosive Investigations Section responded to the scene and deemed the device safe.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force also responded to the scene.

Bond was set at $2 million.

Video of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue bomb technicians removing the turret from the top of the vehicle. Video courtesy of Battalion Chief Kevin Frazier, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue.