Glen Echo seeks to install stop sign cameras

It seems like speed cameras and red light cameras are sprouting up all over the Washington metro area.

Now one small Montgomery County neighborhood is requesting a stop sign camera.

Residents say drivers blow through the stop sign at the intersection of University Avenue and Oxford Road in Glen Echo, Maryland.

But they have a big hurdle to get over before the camera can go in.

Glen Echo is known for its antique carousel and retired amusement park. Now this town of only 255, might soon be known for something else: the state's first stop sign camera.

At the three-way intersection, near the Glen Echo Park you don't have to wait long to see the problem.

"I'm all for it because I've seen people rush through it," says Patsy Lynch. "There are kids playing in the streets, and they could get hit."

With cameras rolling ABC7 observed a driver not even slowing down for the stop sign--even with children walking, a speed bump and the stop sign itself.

The town's mayor is proposing installing the cameras, similar to those used at red lights. They'd record and ticket any driver who doesn't come to a full stop.

Police have issued tickets here in the past, but that still hasn't stopped drivers.

Jeannette Rockwell, a resident says about 50 percent of the people stop and 50 percent go through without stopping.

Initially, Ann West was skeptical on the need for the cameras there.

"I think that's ridiculous, because there isn't that much traffic that comes through here," she says.

But she was quickly convinced when she watched.