Glen Echo Park raising money to recoup government shutdown losses of $200,000

Glen Echo Park had to close throughout the government shutdown. Photo: ABC7

(WJLA) - The financial damage done to Maryland's iconic Glen Echo Park by the government shutdown was "unprecedented," park officials tell the Gazette.

The 16-day shutdown, which shuttered the popular Montgomery County space, cost the nonprofit agency that runs the park about $200,000, a representative from the Partnership for Arts and Culture says.

Kathy Boerner, the Partnership's executive director, says that the financial woes are worse than the sum of previous setbacks, including natural disasters and other events that have closed the park temporarily.

"This was like one of those incidents amplified 10 times," she told the Gazette. "It's the equivalent of a really long Snowmageddon."

Park officials are raffling off a Toyota Prius in an attempt to raise money to recoup losses. So far, the Gazette reports they've raised about $17,000.

Glen Echo Park receives no federal funding, but because it sits on land controlled by the National Park Service, it was forced to close during the extended federal standoff.

That meant that art classes, dance sessions and other popular events were called off due to the closure.

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett repeatedly called for the government to turn Glen Echo Park over to the county to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.