Glen Burnie High School student dies from symptoms consistent with bacterial meningitis

According to school officials at Glen Burnie High School, a female student fell ill on Monday and died the very next day. School officials believe the junior fell victim to bacterial meningitis.

Typical symptoms include quick onset of fever, headache and a stiff neck. The bacteria can attack the brain, spinal cord or blood. It can be contracted through kissing, sharing food or a drink.

"It's very sad but we just need to find out what it is,” said parent Julieta Rodriguez.

To educate parents on the signs of this illness, school officials made automated phone calls to families and sent letters home with students.

“Just sitting in a classroom next to an affected student would not in and of itself be enough to transmit it so the number of close contacts of the affected student we believe to be relatively small,” said Anne Arundel County School’s Spokesman Bob Mosier.

The student's name has not been released.