Girls sold fake Beyonce tickets on Craigslist

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A real life scrooge tried to ruin Christmas for three local teenagers who waited in the cold for 11 hours to see Beyonce at the Verizon Center.

Three girls from West Virginia stood in line for hours to be the first ones inside the arena to see Beyonce on Wednesday night, but when they finally got inside, they found out that the tickets they bought from a person on Craigslist were fake.

For one of them, 18-year-old Alexys Johnson, the concert was to be a therapeutic boost, since money is tight and her mother, who lives in Washington state, won't be coming home for Christmas.

"I listen to her every day," Johnson said. "Every time I have a different feeling about anything, that's how I fix my problem."

Johnson, along with her best friends Kaylee Britner and Kayla Stocks, scoured the Internet and found three tickets to the sold-out show on Craigslist for $220 each. They met the seller near Verizon Center and picked up the seats, complete with a Ticketmaster logo and what was purported to be the original receipt for the tickets.

Just to be safe, the girls even checked the tickets with the box office.

"The lady said (it's) the same cardboard material they use for their tickets," Johnson said.

But after waiting for nearly half a day in the winter chill, their tickets didn't scan properly. They were then shown the door rather than seeing Beyonce on stage.

A Verizon Center spokesperson described the tickets as "spot on;" the only inconsistency came perhaps from the font used on the tickets themselves. MPD officials call it fraud, but admit it's difficult to track because the Craigslist posting for the tickets is gone.

So, too, is the $680 Johnson and her friends spent, along with a part of their Christmas cheer.

"I didn't even go to sleep last night," Johnson said. "I couldn't stop crying."

There's a happy ending, though. A mother of one of the girls posted her daughter's plight on Facebook, and thanks to the generosity of friends, they were able to purchase tickets to see Beyonce's show in Brooklyn.