Girl sexually assaulted at gunpoint in Upper Marlboro

Police are searching for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl at gunpoint near Upper Marlboro on Saturday.

Detectives canvassed the Marlton neighborhood Monday night where the girl was attacked, searching for any clues that could lead them to the sexual predator.

Police say the man, who is described to be bald with a goatee-style beard, approached the girl and sexually assaulted her in a wooded area in the 8800 block of Heathermore Boulevard before fleeing.

Police say the girl was riding her scooter with friends. Again and again, they circled a building until at about 3 p.m., when the friends stopped for a break and the 7-year-old kept on playing alone. That's when the man appeared from the woods.

The man “threatened her at gunpoint to come with him the child was with the suspect in the woods where he sexually assaulted her,” Prince George’s County Police Spokeswoman Julie Parker says.

“She’s distraught. She just wants to be a kid again,” the girl's mother says.

She says her daughter is afraid to play outside and wants to leave and forget what happened.

"She asks me 'Can we go on vacation?'"

Now the community is scared and seething. Prince George’s County police went door-to-door with flyers hoping to land leads Monday night.

“I’m hurt. I cry a lot. I blank out a lot,” the girl says.

“I want justice to be served,” her mother says. “This is sick.”

“I hope they catch him,” says Kimberly Gaskins, a neighbor. “This is a little girl.”

“I’m not going to feel safe until I know that they’re caught. It’s just very disturbing,” says Jacquelyn Sellman, another neighbor.

“I have two daughters - one 8 and one 5 - and for a man to want to touch a little girl like that … I couldn't imagine,” says Clarence Dempsey, who lives nearby.

Neighbors say they'll be on the lookout.

“I think it’s terrible and people need to be cognizant of their environment and continuously train and inform their children of what they need to do to protect themselves,” says Aileen Corey.

The girl was able to give police a thorough description of her attacker as an older white man with a heavy build. Anyone with information should call police.