D.C. Wharf rescue: Toddler falls into Washington Channel

Photo: WJLA

A 14-month-old girl is in serious condition after falling into the Washington Channel at the Maine Avenue Fish Market.

At the fish market, also known as The Wharf, there is a small space between where the fish are displayed on barges and the dock. Around 7 p.m. Tuesday, the baby slipped and fell several feet down into the water below.

“It was chaotic, it was scary and I never want to see anything like that happen again,” said Kimella Rodgers of Largo, Md.

Wilbur Turner of Jesse Taylor Seafood was helping a mother select seafood when the woman’s baby went tumbling down into the Potomac River{ }waters. “I could see here looking at me but she was fully underwater,” he said.

“I just started crying cause I'm thinking that could be my child down there,” said Stephanie Hawkins of Southeast D.C.

A complete stranger jumped into action, shimmying down into the water.

“I really don't understand how she got down in there and got into that crack, and got that baby out,” said Rodgers.

A team of shoppers was able to pull the baby out of the water and to safety. It took about 15 to 20 people to get to the child, said Seafood vendor Turner.

The woman who jumped in to rescue the baby was also taken to be checked out. People at the Wharf could only tell ABC7 that her name is Michelle, but they say she is a true hero.

Ryan Evans, an employee at Jessie Taylor Seafood, says the{ }"good samaritan" is a regular customer{ }at the{ }Wharf. Most employees only recognize her face, but say she's a nice lady who "always says hi."

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