Girl, 7, taken from family by court after unexplained bleeding

A court has removed a 7-year-old District Heights girl from her family home and placed her in foster care after hospital personnel couldn't explain bleeding that comes from her bodily orifices and her hands and feet.

The family says the hospital assumed that the girl was abused, but even though the unusual bleeding has continued since she's been in foster care, she has not been allowed to return home.

Garrena Hopkins, her brother and mother say Garrena's daughter Garay was unfairly seized from the family after they brought the child yet again to Children's National Medical Center in D.C. by ambulance August 8th and 9th because she was bleeding.

"Once we got home we ate and ... within an hour she had a new symptom, which was bleeding form her eyes," says Clayton Duckett, Garay's uncle. "We called her doctor, let her know we were on our way back."

They say they don't know why she bleeds from every orifice, from her hands and feet, but she does and they took her to the hospital. The last time, Children's called the police, who took the child.

"They then grabbed both of us, handcuffed us, and set us on the ground," Duckett says.

Children's issued a statement to ABC7 Thursday: "We have a duty to report any concerns of suspected abuse to child protection agencies for further investigation. The well being of children is our top priority."

The child has been in foster care ever since. Family members say Garay appears to be in no pain when she bleeds and they say the hospital doesn't know why she's bleeding and so abuse is assumed.

In court papers Prince George's authorities write "No medical cause has been found for the bleeding. Doctors say the blood appears to be smeared on."

The family says the little girl is still bleeding in foster care.