Girl, 5, killed in vehicle collision

(Photo: Jay Korff)

A 5-year-old girl was killed after she was struck by a vehicle on Martin Luther King Jr. Highway and Gondar Avenue in Seat Pleasant.

Prince George's county police say 5-year–old Kamari Woods of Capitol Heights was struck and killed by a red SUV in the Tuesday afternoon incident.

Authorities say the girl was with her father at the time. Investigators are trying to determine what exactly went wrong, but the initial investigation suggests father and daughter tried to cross at a point in the road where there is no crosswalk.

"He has got to be devastated. To see your child get hit is the worst thing in the world,” said Patricia Wimbush of Seat Pleasant.

"My grandson ran into the house and said, ‘Grandma, I hear a bunch of screaming on the highway,’” said Agnes Curry, who lives near the crash site.

Police say the driver of the red SUV remained at the scene. Witnesses say when authorities informed the two occupants of the striking vehicle that the little girl had died they were affected immensely.

"Once they learned that the child had passed away they pretty much had to be rushed to the hospital for heart conditions themselves because they were very distraught about the situation,” said Frank Bonds.

At this point in the investigation authorities say no charges have been filed.