Girl, 11, killed in crash while riding horse

Yasmine Deleon, killed in a traffic crash while riding a horse.

An 11-year-old girl was killed Sunday after a horse she was riding was hit by a SUV.

The girl, Yasmine, Deleon, had just completed the 4th grade at Hampton Oaks Elementary School in Stafford.

The crash occurred in front of Alton Akres home. He said that from the sound of the collision, he knew someone was hurt and ran over to help.

“People working on the little girl, and the horse was laying on the other side of the road dead,” Akres said.

The horse was killed instantly but Yasmine died at about 10 p.m. Sunday night.

Three hours after the incident, her family was too distressed to speak about their loss. They had gathered for father’s day when Yasmine went out to ride.

Horses are a passion in the area of Stafford County. While those who drive around the area are generally aware of horses, in this case, Virginia State Police said it appears that the horse took off wildly from a pasture and darted into the path of an oncoming SUV.

The driver of the vehicle that hit Yasmine will not be charged, according to Virginia State Police.

One neighbor called it "a freak accident.”