Getting tough on traffic tickets

Four speed cameras along this short stretch of Connecticut Avenue in tiny Chevy Chase village issue some 40,000 tickets a year.

Each ticket runs forty dollars if it's late tack on another twenty five bucks. Since 2007 about 30,000 tickets have gone unpaid.

By enlisting a collection agency Chevy Chase Village is getting some leverage in forcing those who get photo speeding tickets to pay-up. essentially it is going after the credit ratings of those who don't pay their speeding tickets.

“They will have it impact their credit,” said Village Manager Shana Davis-Cook. “Adversely affect their credit. That's bad.”

A lot of people who live outside Montgomery County get tickets. Many believe Chevy Chase Village has no jurisdiction over them so they can ignore the tickets. For some, the slashed credit rating comes as a shock.

Meanwhile, there is concern about other jurisdictions embracing collection agencies to get people with outstanding speeding tickets to pay up.

AAA Mid-Atlantic believes the District, which is owed more than $350 million from citations, is monitoring Chevy Chase Village closely.