Germantown crime wave: Up to 23 burglaries, thefts from autos, may be connected

Wallace Macon's car was hit just last week. Burglars got the garage door opener but didn’t get into his house.

He says he's lucky because, a while back, a burglar went into his next door neighbor's house while she and her family were home.

But that's not all that's happened on a short stretch of Tilford Way in Germantown. Another neighbor was a victim of a home invasion just last week.

“Our neighbor had a really bad situation and everyone came out unharmed but it could turn bad very quick if it keeps going this road,” Macon says.

And that is why, Tuesday night, police are putting out a warning that a suspect may be a responsible for as many as 23 burglaries of occupied homes and many more thefts from autos all since April.

Just Tuesday, three more crimes were added to the Germantown crime spree list. The incidents have happened all across Germantown.

Security camera footage shows a suspect tried to open a front door at 4 a.m. May 23rd. The occupants were home at the time.