Georgetown, University of Maryland on alert after two sexual assaults

A student was reportedly sexually assaulted and another was attacked inside a dorm room. (Photo: WJLA)

After two separate attacks on students, police are stepping up patrols on the campuses of Georgetown University and the University of Maryland.

A Georgetown student was sexually assaulted around 2:15 a.m. Sunday while walking on 36th Street, near the northwest campus, police say.{ }

A fellow student, who wanted to remain anonymous, told ABC7 News she lives near the block where the alleged attack occurred and she’s been worried ever since she heard of the crime.

"My parents were still here actually when I received the email, and my whole mood just changed," the student said.

The university is urging Georgetown students not to walk alone, and to call for a ride if they feel unsafe.

Students at the University of Maryland are also on high alert after an attack early Sunday morning.

Campus police say{ }a female student woke up to find a strange man touching her leg inside her dorm room.{ }

It happened just before 4 a.m. at Cumberland Hall.

Police say two men went around the dorm turning doorknobs to see if they were unlocked when one of the men found an unlocked door on the 7th floor.

Police say{ }the suspect{ }was about to steal a laptop but started touching the women, for some unknown reason, instead. The student's roommate walked in and confronted the intruder. He claimed to have walked into the room by mistake, but the students noticed a laptop computer was moved. The suspect then ran off.

"My friend lives on the third floor - he heard the creek of his door turning,” a student tells ABC7 News. “They definitely tried to open his door, but his door was locked."

Police are searching for two men in connection to this incident.