Georgetown ricin discovery: Students search for answers

(WJLA) - Today, life continues at Georgetown University as usual -- but, amid troubling questions, and few answers.

Tuesday, local and federal authorities descended on Macarthy Hall, a dormitory at Georgetown, after a report of a student having ricin in a dorm room.

"It's scary to think that someone would be doing that at Georgetown," student Samantha Ciarrocchi told ABC7. "It's not something I would imagine here."

While some students thought it was a hoax, investigators did confirm that a student had possessed ricin.

Hearing reports, some concerned parents have been checking in on their children who attend the school.

"My parents game me a call and they were very concerned," student Kevin Magana told ABC7.

Investigators apparently believe the student manufactured the ricin, but for what purpose, Georgetown is ripe with rumors and speculation.

"The university really isn't telling us much," said concerned student, Ryan Coleman. "So this kind of a surprise, for the first time -- because in the past, Georgetown handled this stuff really well."

The school has reportedly told students little else other than that the danger has passed. For now, students are back in their dorm rooms,

"They have secured the material and they are scrubbing out the room using a specialized team," student V.P. Dao told ABC7 Thursday.

In the meantime, the quest for information continues.