Georgetown residents want to restrict students to on-campus housing

Residents who live in Georgetown are unhappy with students living in the area. They want to require Georgetown undergrads to live on-campus only.

Students occupy more than thirty percent of homes in the neighborhood right off the Georgetown campus. Some want to push them out.

“Georgetown University is just taking over my neighborhood,” said Forrest Bachner.

Just beyond the edge of campus, locals speak of revelers and rats, of neglected homes and loud music deep into the night. Glen Harrison said he’s faced retaliation after he reported the infractions. His sign was torn and burned.

“There have been bricks through windows, cars keyed, you know many of them are single women and they're afraid,” said Lenore Rubino, president of the Burleith Neighborhood Assocation.

A consortium of neighborhood groups and district leaders have come together, pushing for a plan that would require all Georgetown undergrads to live on campus. “We're not a dorm,” said Bachner. “I feel like we're being made into one.”

Late this afternoon, students fired back, calling the claims exaggerated and overblown. They said Georgetown doesn't guarantee on-campus housing for all four years, so they don't have a choice.

“I find it rude when our neighbors disrespect us being roommates or neighbors to all of them,” said student Nat Disston.

Students say they value the independence of off-campus living. Residents should have expected this when moving next door to a university.

It’s unclear when the zoning commission will vote on this issue. A hearing is scheduled for Monday at 6:30 p.m. at 1 Judiciary Square.