Georgetown purse snatchings: Police alert shoppers after several reported

Police are issuing an alert for women who plan on shopping or dining in Georgetown after incidents of theft targeting purses.

Meredith Daley says $60 was taken right out of her open purse while she ordered a drink at a Georgetown bar Friday night.

"I thought I misplaced it at first," she said. "It's scary. Georgetown seems to be pretty safe for the most part."

In the days following Black Friday,{ } Metropolitan police saw a spike in purse snatchings in the area. Thieves quickly swiping a purse off the back of a chair at a restaurant or taking wallets or cash out of open purses.

Last week, police were busy making people aware of the issue by posting fliers at businesses and offering safety tips urging caution.

Soso Gogi manages Bodega on M Street where two purse snatchings happened on a busy Saturday.

"We are on the lookout right now, and it's a really uncomfortable feeling," Gogi said.

Around Georgetown, women ABC7 spoke with say the problem won't keep them away, but it will keep them alert.