Georgetown Hospital helps cancer patients feel like princesses

Most days, Alesia Allen is at Georgetown Hospital for her chemo treatments. But Wednesday, she's taking a break from being a patient so she can be pampered like a princess.

Alesia is from Russia. In February, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma just as her new family in McLean was in the middle of adopting her and her brother.

So Lauren Cavazos and her family fought to speed up the adoption process so Alesia could receive treatment in the U.S.

"It was devastating," Cavazos says. "We didn't know what to think and we just kind of were feeling horrible. Because she is little and we didn't know how she felt. She was hundreds of thousands of miles away."

Alesia arrived here two months ago and immediately started chemotherapy. But now, as she gets her make-up and nails done, she's able to see there are other girls who are going through the same thing, like Becky Wilson.

“Even though I went through this experience which makes me different they find ways so that we can be like we used to be. Have fun,” Becky says.

The pamper party is meant to make the girls feel like a princess. But it also gives them a confidence that they'll carry with them.

After a day at the spa, it's back to reality for Alesia as she starts what is hoped to be her final round of treatment.