Georgetown flooding: Some businesses will be closed for weeks

As crews continued to mop up the Washington Harbour after it flooded earlier this week, an owner of several restaurants that flooded tells ABC7 that he’s had to cancel reservations set for Mother’s Day.

“There is no way we will be open this weekend,” said Tony Cibel, owner of three restaurants. “We've already canceled 400 reservations for Mothers Day and that's our busiest day of the year."

Mother's Day will be on May 8.

Workers said everything inside the Washington Harbour’s restaurants is covered with mud and must be thrown out. This includes food, beer, pool tables and glasses.

“The damage to this property has to be $30 million easy,” said Denis Roche of Roche Hair Salon. “It looked like a tsunami hit downstairs.”

Hundreds of people were evacuated Monday after the Washington Harbor Shopping Plaza on the Georgetown waterfront flooded. The flooding submerged chairs and tables at restaurants and poured into an underground parking garage. Major property damage is expected but immediate estimates were not available.

The water, which was waist deep inside some restaurants, poured in after the flood walls weren’t put in place, residents said.

On Tuesday, dozens of giant pumps were pumping tens of thousands of gallons of muddy water from the waterfront property.

Tom Prescott, of Farmers & Fishers restaurant, can’t imagine that restaurants will be open by what should be a busy Easter weekend. "It doesn't look like it would be a quick turnaround, I'll tell you that,” Prescott said.

MRP Real Estate Services, which is charge of the properties, issued the following statement Wednesday:

We continue to make significant progress reinstating full operations to the property as more than 100 workers continue to work around the clock.

We expect that overall clean-up of the property, and the removal of all floodwater from both garage levels and the fountain area, will be completed by the end of the weekend. We are providing temporary parking for the affected tenants and residents while we paint and prepare the garages for access.

We are working in tandem with PEPCO to restore power to both buildings. For the immediate term, we will utilize temporary generated power while we make the repairs to the buildings' main electrical system/service.

We expect to have power (lights and receptacles) to 3000 K St. by the end of today and to 3050 K St. by noon tomorrow.